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Here you can find the latest screenshots orderd by date.

  Latest screenshots

high-res mesh sunsset

high-res mesh sunsset

Hi-res mesh snowfields

Hi-res mesh snowfields

hi-res mesh moutain tops

hi-res mesh moutain tops

hi-res mesh landscape

hi-res mesh landscape

Flying over hi-res mountain tops

Flying over hi-res mountain tops

hi above hi-res mesh

hi above hi-res mesh

Flying over sunny hi-res mountains

Flying over sunny hi-res mountains

high detail mountain

high detail mountain

Hi over high-res terain

Hi over high-res terain during the sunset


New, highly detailed airbase from the upcomming FreeFalcon 3 patch.


New airbase in FF3

F-15 takeoff

F15 taking off from new airbase

Taxi sign

New taxi sign in FF3


Turning over city


Flying over dunes


Flying over city


River goes from woods to sand.


Cockpit view to farmland


Outside view over farmland.

Shooting for the sun.

Climbing turn with new sunset.


Cruising with new sunset







Flying over mountains

Flying over great mountains

Low sun

Flying towards the sunset

Flying over river

Flying over river during sunset.

Wild river

Flying over a wild river in the dessert.

Snow fields

Flying over snowfields

Glittering sea

Nice looking new glittering see.

Airfield near the coast

Lanfing on airfield near the coast.


Flying over a city


Very impressive farmland.

Turning over the beach

Making a sharp turn over a nice sunny beach.

Over the beach

Flying over a sunny beach

A-10 during sunset

A-10 flying in the sunset.

A-10 firing missiles

A-10 firing missiles. Notice the smoketrails.

Flanker shot at

The new explosion effects of the, hopefuly, upcomming BMS.

Airbase at dusk

2 F-16s ready for taxi

F-16 flying over winter terain

The new winterreain.

AG-radar in 3D pit

AG-radar in experimental 3D pit.

Close up A-G radar

Close up of experimental A-G radar in 3D pit

AG-radar in 3D-pit

Close-up of AG-radar in 3D-pit

Front view of AG-radar

Front view of 3D-pit with A-G radar.

camara view in 3D-pit

Experimental camara view in 3D cockpit. This makes it possible in the future to use mirrors.

Experimental camara view

Experimental camara view in 3D cockpit

Going up

Full burner going up with a great sunset.

Towards the sun

Flying at sunset

Clouds over airbase

Airbase in the sunset

Front view

Looking at the F16 front.

Osan Runway

Exclusive screenshot for F4HQ from Ripsaw

Falkland coastline

Flying over the Falkland coastline. Tiles are made by ViperMan.

Falkland sea tiles

F16 flying over the Falkland sea tiles.

Falkland dunes

Flying near Falkland dunes.


Flying over the road

Argentinian docks

Argentinian docks

Argentinian docks

Argentinian docks

Falkland tiles

Coastline tiles

Cuban river

Flyin over Cuban river

Sharp turn

Sharp turn over Cuban tiles

Cuban Hils

Full burner over Cuban hils

Splitting river

Flying over a splitting river

Cuban river

Sharp turn over Cuban river

Cuban farm

Cuban farm near small lake

Isle in river

Smal isle in river

High G

Flying high G over small lake.

Low level

Low level flying over hi-resolution terain.


Landing on runway.

Just in the seat

Pilot preparing for a bombing mission with unusual loadout.

Towards the sun

Bottom view in instant action.

Looking at the sun

Looking at the sun in 3D cockpit.

Full burner

Flying with full afterburner over the cloud layer.

Close up

Close up at full speed.

Bottom viw

Bottom view against the evening sky.

Passing the puffy clouds

Flying at high speed between the clouds.


Inside the 3D-pit making a turn. This is still work in progress.

10 o'clock view

Looking at 10 o'clock in 3D pit.

Back light

Back light by the sun.

Front bottom

Looking up at the front of the F-16.

Close up under the clouds

Flying at high speed just under the cloud layer.

Rear bottom view

Looking at the rear from below.

Top view

Top view over high resolution terrain.

Rear view

Rear view over high resolution terain.

Harier over airbase

British Harier over airbase in Falklands campaign.

Harier touchdown.

Last few feet befor touchdown on aircraft carier.

Harier on final

Harier on final aproach for aircraftcarier.


Harier makes a fly-by.

Harier near coastline

Harier near coastline, returning to base.


Harier takes off from British carier.

F-14 takeoff

Free-Falcon F-14 screenshot at takeoff with high resolution tiles.

F-14 in full afterburner

F-14 in full afterburner over airbase.

F-14 with folded wings

F-14 with folded wings over fields

F-16 at low level

F-16 at high speed low level over the hills

F-14 on ramp

F-14 in front of control tower on the ramp.


Rusian Hardend Aircraft Shelter(HAS) notice the great accuraty with the smaller picture in the left bottom corner.


Rusian HAS

New landscape

Notice the many new ground objects that you will see in SP4.

Seuol Tower

Seuol landmark (1600 x 1200). Expected in SP4.

Highway strip

New highway strip that is expected in SP4. (1600 x 1200)


Town in SP4. Note the high amount of buildings.

F-16D tailsection

Tailsection of a Israeli F-16D

Landing gear

Landing gear unfolding.

Lading Gear

Lading Gear

Dutch F-16

Dutch F-16 with special airshow tail.

Open canopy

F-16 with desert paint with open canopy.

45 Dutch lions

Dutch F16 with 45 Dutch lions tail

Dutch / Belgium airshow

Close formation flying. 3D-models by PumpyHead

Dutch / Belgium airshow

Close formation flying

Dutch / Belgium airshow

Close formation

Dutch / Belgium airshow

Close formation

Just before the crash.

Sometimes it gets to close :-)

Belgium F-16

Belgium F-16, 3D-model by PumpyHead.

Belgium F-16

Belgium F-16, 3D-model by PumpyHead

First screenshot OIR

This is the first screenshot published by G2 Interactive of the follow-up of SP3.

Dutch F-16

Dutch F-16, 3D-model made by PumpyHead.

Belgium F-16

Belgium F-16, 3D-model by PumpyHead

US F-16 B

US F-16 B, 3D-model made by PumpyHead

F-16 Desert skin

F-16 Desert skin, 3D-model by PumpyHead

F-16B US

F-16B US, 3D-model by PumpyHead

F-16D Israel

F-16D Israel in dessert skin, 3D-model by PumpyHead

F-16 with dragshut

First screenshot from F16 model with dragshut. 3D-model and screenshot made by PumpyHead.

F-16 with dragshut

F-16 3D model with drag shut. 3D-model is made by PumpyHead.

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