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We have our own blurb for Falcon 4.0.

Falcon 4.0 is an extremely detailed Simulation integrating a fully dynamic, realtime Air, land, and sea war in which you take part as an F-16 pilot. Running on any OS platform capable of supporting Directx 5.0 and above. Falcon 4.0 not only simulates a fantastic and versatile fighter, but also a very versatile product. With 4 years of hard work behind it, it is the ultimate Simulation experience for all enthusiasts.

 Falcon 4.0 Info

There are four main sections that makes Falcon 4.0 the sim it is. First and foremost, there is the campaign.

The campaign in Falcon 4.0 is set in the Korean Peninsula. There will be three starting conditions that are possible. The neutral scenario starts the battle at the current demilitarized zone. The disadvantaged scenario puts South Korean forces at the southern tip of the country, with U.S. reinforcements just arriving. The advantaged scenario has South Korea pushing North Korean forces back into China--and China entering the conflict. Falcon 4.0's campaign is fully dynamic, so that means there is no set number of missions you have to complete. The missions will actually change accordingly to how the war is going. If you stop a tank brigade from moving across a bridge, the mission won't just say "Good job, you destroyed the bridge" and that will be that. In Falcon 4.0, those tanks will have to re-think where they are going to move, and the whole sitaution could change.

Within the campaign there is an Intel section. This section shows various troop moral levels and strengths. It will also have a continuous situation report as to what targets are being attacked and captured by each side. These are displayed as flashing dots on a small map, so you can instantly see what areas the enemy is concentrating on. You will also be able to see your squadron statistics, as well as any other squadron that is fighting in the war. You can look at a JSTARS report and see how the war progressed over the past days, or weeks.
Another part of Falcon 4.0 is Tactical Engagement, a sophisticated mission/engagement builder that lets you create your own missions and scenarios. Having control over how side can win the mission or engagement, where units are placed, how and when they move, just makes Tactical Engament very sophisticated. You control when you would like your flight packages to take off, what type of missions they will fly, when, where, and best of all, you can fly and take part of the action that you created right away.

The third main section is Instant Action. For those who just like action, or want to have fun, Instant Action is the place. Like in Falcon 3.0, Instant Action puts you directly into the battle. You are one against the rest, and you have to fight just to survive. You control how good the enemy wave of fighters are, or you can choose to fly an Air-to-Ground Instant Action flight, and fight various ground forces.

The fourth main section in Falcon 4.0 is Dogfight. The dogfight section to Falcon 4.0 is designed for you to set up dogfights against an opponent. You can control the settings, the "Rules of Engagement" and the type of dogfight you want to fly. Whether it be a furball, team furball, or match play round, you will get to fight against whatever opponent you like.

Besides playing all these sections one player, you can hook up multiplayer and fly with your buddies, and or other squadrons, in any one of the main sections, excluding Instant Action. You will also find in Falcon 4.0, a logbook that keeps track of everything you did, keeping your kill count (or death count) seperately for flying online and off. The logbook can be password protected, and can have unlimited pilot records, so for those that have more than one person in their family that fly's Falcon 4.0, you can have seperate pilot records. There is an in-depth Tactical Reference that can be accessed within the Falcon 4.0 Interface that tells you what you need to know about any unit in Falcon 4.0. And finally there is an ACMI section, where you can view ACMI tapes that you recorded during flight, or one that you recieved over the Internet.

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