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  While navigating, when I change steerpoints the radar cursors get stuck in a corner of the MFD.


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 News for April 1st, 2005
Several former members of BMS continued their work on an ultimate Falcon 4.0 version. This had to be done in secret because they were in negotiation with Atari to make everything legal. Today they reached an agreement and now they are looking for beta-testers.

Key features are:

  • Much improved graphics engine.
  • Each plane can get its own avionics with unique symbols.
  • New terrain engine based on satellite images (no more repetition of tiles)
  • Fully dynamic weather with all weather types and seasons.
  • Improved avionics.

If you want to participate in the beta testing then please write an email to . Please mention your experience with Falcon 4.0 and if you ever beta-tested any software before. Your help is much appreciated.


 News for March 21st, 2005
A dream-come-true for those who wish to fly a two-seater Viper! After a year of development, Dr. Stop released his two-seat F-16DJ cockpit for Falcon4. The pit is fully operational in the pilot and WSO (Weapons System Officer) mode.
You can purchase this and other works by wisiting his website.


 News for March 19th, 2005
Bukada made a beautiful F-14 cockpit. To see some screenshots and read more, visit FreeFalcon website here.


 News for March 15th, 2005
FreeFalcon team released a Hotfix for the latest FreeFalcon3.1 patch. This patch is available at FreeFalcon website.


 News for March 9th, 2005
RobViper posted two screenshots of his new water tiles for the Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) campaign. You can view them by clicking on the thumbnails below. For more screenshots from the OIF campaign you can click here.


 News for March 4th, 2005
A few days ago I made the mistake of hosting a file that has a disputed background. The FreeFalcon 3.1 patch might be a wonderful add-on to Falcon but I did not seek the permission of all developers that were involved in this work.

Today I contacted members of BMS and, although they did not explicitly forbid me to host FF3.1, I got the feeling that they were not overly happy about it either. This is reason enough for me to take down the FF3.1 patch.


 News for March 2nd, 2005
For a webmaster it is always difficult to determine if he can host other peoples work or not. It is like walking in a minefield. Some people offer their work and later on you might discover that they based their work on the work of others and that those others did not gave permission.

It gets even more difficult when you are dealing with big companies. Often these companies tolerate a certain amount of unauthorized use of their copyright. As a fan you often don’t need explicit permission to post a screenshot or if you make a new skin. What they tolerate and what they don’t tolerate is completely up to the copyright holder.

A while back Atari apparently send a cease and desist order to the FreeFalcon website when they released one of their patches. Since that moment I immediately removed all files from my webserver that possibly were not tolerated by Atari. I also removed since that time all links, and request for links, from my forum.

Of course I never saw that cease and desist order myself and I have absolutely no idea what the reasons for that cease and desist order were. I removed everything to stay on the absolute safe side based on what you might call rumors.

In the mean time other rumors tell me that Atari was during that time in contact with a potential customer that possible wanted to buy a license for Falcon. The latest rumors are that this deal was never made. I also noticed that apparently the FF3 patch was released on a DVD by one of the biggest game magazines (PC Gamer UK). Also several other big community websites, including the FreeFalcon website have the patches up for download. All of this lead me to believe that the possible cease and desist order from Atari was probably of a temporary nature. Therefore I decided to upload the patches again to my webserver and make them available for download.

Of course copyright holders can always contact me if they believe that I host something that is against their wish. If the complain is valid then I will immediately remove those files. For now I would say, enjoy the patches that were made available by our fellow community members!


For suport on the patches you can visit the FreeFalcon website.

  • Guest: These are the release notes for the FreeFalcon 3.1.

  • Patches: This patch has to many updates to describe them in a few words. You should check out the included FF3 manual for a detailed description.
  •  News for February 27th, 2005
    I saw some new screens from the European Theater. Keep in mind that this is work in progress but it is already very impressive. Thanks to the Sundevil and Sphynx for the work they put into it. You can see more screenshots of the European Theater project in their screenshot page and their forum. Click here to visit the European theater website.


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