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Are you in need of Tactical Engagement Missions. Well if you are, you have found the right place becuase at this page we have listed many TE files that have been sent in by other visitors. If you have your own missions and would like to contribute or update a previous mission, please let us know by emailing the staff.

Island Invasion
248.62 KB
Dave Kreipke Dec 31st, 02
This set of 12 TE's is mainly situated in marine territory. Instructions are included in a readme file and there is also a text file explaining the tactical background.

B61 Strike
41.8 KB
Musti Dec 13th, 02
This is a TE where you can test the B-61 nuclear bomb. According to the maker of this TE, Musti, it is not a realistic mission but if you did not try the B-61 yet, then you can do it now.

TE-template + strike mission
29.3 KB
RazorBlade Dec 10th, 02
A TE-template containing DCA flights, Airdeffences and ground units. You can build TE's from this template in minutes. A strike mission based on this template is included.

Bridge Hopper
6.72 KB
Paul "Chaser" de Haan Oct 2nd, 02
Destroy the bridge, the DPRK is trying to invade us from there! Watch out for the su27s they have sharp teeth!

8.13 KB
Paul "Chaser" de Haan Oct 2nd, 02
Intercept the DPRK air armada! Watch out, there are su27 escorting the bombers, however f22s are on their way, to late!

Chemical standoff
430.49 KB
Dave Kreipke Sep 13th, 02
This is a set of related practice/training Tactical Engagements, loosely based on a couple of real but unrelated events. The main purpose of the TEs is to learn about package and flight cooperation, without lots of outside distractions and surprises.

MerlinTVD's training missions
163.08 KB
MerlinTVD Sep 3rd, 02
This package of 20 TE's can be a supplement to the original training missions. These missions also provide a structured multiplayer training course. There are also two TE mini-campaigns included in the zip file for your enjoyment.

Intercept training
19.32 KB
RazorBlade Aug 30th, 02
This is a collection of 3 intercept missions. The first is pretty easy. There you have to fight with your 4 ship against a 4 ship of Mig-23's. The second is a little more difficult. Now there are 6 Mig-23's in the earia and some TU-95 bombers to make it a little confusing. The third is straightforward again a 4 ship of SU-27's equiped with AA-12 "Adders" and AA-11 "Archers".

Blindfold version 2
46.47 KB
Paul "Chaser" de Haan Jul 28th, 02
Blindfold 2 is a follow up of the first Blind fold TE.

9.86 KB
Paul "Chaser" de Haan Jul 10th, 02
Strike a Radar site so that the DPRK are blinded from incoming strikes!

Jsow Strike
9.85 KB
Paul "Chaser" de Haan Jul 7th, 02
This mission is designed to use the new JSOW weapon that is aviable in SP3, your primary objective is to hit an Army Base, at the way back you can land on the alternate airfield or try out the refeuling of SP3 and head back to home base!

Refeuling Strike
9.36 KB
Paul "Chaser" de Haan Jul 7th, 02
In this TE you fly a bombing mission, a long way to go so you'd probably want to refuel on the way to or from the target!

Long Strike
11.65 KB
Paul "Chaser" de Haan Jul 7th, 02
Another strike mission designed more or less to test online refeuling and have some fun while you are at it, low A-A and G-A threats, but still fun to fly!

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