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This is the patches page

FreeFalcon3 patch
134.99 MB
FreeFalcon team Mar 2nd, 05
This patch has to many updates to describe them in a few words. You should check out the included FF3 manual for a detailed description.

SP4.2 BMS data patch v1.0
3.57 MB
F4UT Nov 16th, 04
BMS data patch for SP4.2. You should install this patch after everything else.

114.2 MB
F4UT Nov 8th, 04
Hi Resolution succesor of SP4.1. For more info about the changes check here.

High fidelity flightmodels
19.8 MB
“Mav-Jp” & “Raptor one” Oct 27th, 04
Highly accurate F-16 flightmodels for BMS2 executable.

Photo-Realistic Terrain
30.37 MB
Deuky Sep 20th, 04
Deuky's Photo-Realistic Terrain

SP4.1 BMS Data Update V1.4
9.28 MB
Elephant Aug 25th, 04
Data update for the SP4.1 patch. This patch is tested with BMS 2.0 but it should also work with BMS 1.3.

FF3 hotfix v 1.0
4.44 MB
FreeFalcon Jul 27th, 04
This is a hotfix for the FreeFalcon 3 patch. FF3 can't be downloaded from this site because it might contain an illegal executable.

SP3 missile set for SP4.1
369.68 KB
Ratty/ F4UT Jun 14th, 04
SP3 missile data patch for the SP4 & SP4.1 patch. It lets you use the standard SP3 missile set. This patch is only for a clean SP4 or SP4.1

Sp4.1 BMS data file version 1.3
1.74 MB
F4UT/Elephant Jun 11th, 04
This data patch makes SP4.1 compatible with the BMS 2.0 patch. The BMS 2.0 patch is not aproved by ATARI and therefore not available on this website.

7.91 MB
F4UT May 26th, 04
Fix for SP4.

BMS/SP4 Missile patch v 1.61
1.07 MB
Ratty Mar 28th, 04
This missile patch fixes some data conficts that occur when you aply BMS over SP4. Installation instructions are included.

Unofficial Hotfix for SP4 v 1.1
6.42 MB
Ratty Mar 27th, 04
This is an unofficial hotfix for SP4 from Ratty. Install: F4->108US->Sp4 -> Hotfixv1.1 (but dont run the "Ratty's missileFIX BMS datav1.5" patch at the end "EXIT" out of it) -> BMS -> HiTiles -> patch in your falcon folder called "Ratty's missileFIX bms datav1.5" and select either "apply" for both fixes or select "advanced" to choose what you want.

All in 1 campaign patch v2
355.21 KB
Bird Mar 22nd, 04
All in one campaign patch for BMS. This patch will make additional theaters compatible with BMS.

Temperary hotfix for SP4
1.11 MB
Nomad Mar 5th, 04
Temperary hotfix for SP4 to prevent some of the major stutering and fixed for all F/A-18 FM's spoiler-related "flapping" issues. Replace your old Simdata.ZIP file in "..\microprose\Falcon4\Zips\" with this new file.

SP4 Manual
2.87 MB
F4UT Feb 26th, 04
SP4 Manual. This manual is also included in the SP4-Installer.

SP4 installer
130.6 MB
F4UT Feb 25th, 04
SP4 is the succesor of SP3. SP4 need to be installed directly over the 1.08 patch.

FreeFalcon 2.1 for SP3
5.5 MB
FreeFalcon team Jan 9th, 04
This FreeFalcon 2.1 patch is a hotfix for FreeFalcon 2. You can install it over over FreeFalcon 2 without BMS patch. If you do have BMS istalled then you need another FreeFalcon 2.1 patch.

FreeFalcon 2.1 for SP3&BMS
5.49 MB
FreeFalcon Team Jan 8th, 04
This FreeFalcon 2.1 patch is a hotfix for FreeFalcon 2. You can install it over over FreeFalcon 2 + any BMS patch. If you don't have BMS istalled then you need another FreeFalcon 2.1 patch.

BMS SP3 1.03 patch
12.58 MB
BMS Jan 1st, 04
This BMS patch has a large amount of improvements over the regular SP3 and FF patch. Check out the readme file that is included for details.

BMS Manual
1.15 MB
BMS Dec 20th, 03
This is the manual of the BMS 1.00 patch

BMS Multiplayer patch v3-1
1.71 MB
BMS Oct 24th, 03
This BMS patch contains only multiplayer improvements, which makes it more stable to use online. At a later time the Multiplayer patch and the normal BMS patches will be fused.

FreeFalcon 2 patch
89.95 MB
FreeFalcon Oct 23rd, 03
This FreeFalcon mega patch includes a huge amount of improved new 3D-models, skins, flightmodels, weapondata, etc. The FreeFalcon 2 patch requires a full installation of SP3. Check out the FreeFalcon website for all the details.

SP3 Manual
3.87 MB
F4UT Jun 10th, 02
SP3 Manual with over 170 pages of detailed instructions.

76.71 MB
F4UT Jun 8th, 02
Third SuperPak from F4UT. Documentation can be found after installing in the "../Microprose/Falcon4/Docs/" directory.

Official 1.08 Patch
17.2 MB
Microprose Dec 24th, 99
This is the official 1.08 US/UK Patch released by MicroProse.

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