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You can find all Falcon 4.0 Utilities and other miscellaneous stuff at this page.

BaZT v1.1
10.07 MB
Blueprint & Zaggy Dec 6th, 04
This utility will give you a more realistic and higher resolution altitude mesh in the Korean Terrain.

Pop-up planner v 1.1
963.44 KB
Falcas Dec 6th, 04
This tool calculates VIP/VRP/OA1/OA2 points of a pop-up attack.

8.36 MB
Blueprint & Zaggy Oct 21st, 04
This utility will give you a more realistic and higher resolution altitude mesh in the Korean Terrain.

BaZ-T 250m Korea Beta 2
7.86 MB
Blueprint & Zaggy Aug 31st, 04
Utility to make the Korea mesh more detailed and realistic. Keep in mind that this is beta software. You use it at your own risk! For feedback to the developpers check here.

L2 Elevator v 1.2
665.84 KB
Blueprint & Zaggy Aug 25th, 04
This utility elevates the Korean terrain to more realistic values.

F4->Dxt Texture Converter Utility
625.52 KB
Elephant Jun 26th, 04
A simple converter for Falcon 4 .bmp files to .dds files for BMS. Supports alpha channel for transparency.

F4AWACS v1.1
6.19 MB
Sakis "Monster" Giokas Jun 7th, 04
This utility makes it possible to act as an AWACS. All information about human controlled pilots in a multiplayer enviroment is displayed. So far AI pilots are not yet visible. You might want to check the Greek website of the creators of this file for the latest build.

Atari Destruction
10.16 MB
Sniper May 29th, 04
Atari Destruction movie by Sniper.

Korea highres kneemap
1.38 MB
Rob "Viper" Senftle Apr 12th, 04
High-resolution Korea kneemap that is based on actual satalite photgraphs.

High-resolution ODS kneemap
2.78 MB
Rob "Viper" Senftle Apr 12th, 04
High-resolution Operation Desert Storm (ODS) kneemap that is based on actual satalite photographs.

SSN-688 "Los Angeles"
512.78 KB
Donkey Apr 1st, 04
Full working SSN-688 "Los Angeles" submarine. Installation instructions are included.

FalconSwitcher version 1.3
998.18 KB
Steve "Elephant" McNamee Jan 2nd, 04
FalconSwitcher is a very useful utility for switching between multiple installations of Falcon 4.0. You can automaticly transfer data files like logbook, phonebook, campaign, etc, to the installation that you are currently running. Detailed instructions are included.

3D-Clickable cockpit alpha version
25.34 KB
wombat778 Jun 12th, 03
This is the first early alpha version of a clickable 3D-cockpit for Falcon 4.0. This means that it is not finished and you can use it at your own risk. It only works on Win 2000 and Win XP. Read the instructions carefuly!

688.46 KB
Julian Onions Dec 13th, 02
Tacedit is a useful utility created by the one and only Mr. Onions. It reads campaign, tac and trn files. Objective list is only useful on cam and trn files (and te_new.tac). Loading a bitmap helps various views - weather and objectives particularly.

F4Browse 2.4
142.02 KB
Julian Onions Dec 13th, 02
F4 Browse is another excellent utility by Codec.

Unclasified Airforce Comms manual
17.4 MB
unknown Dec 10th, 02
This is an unclasified version of an airforce comms manual. It is in full collor with nice figures.

Skin Editor
235.72 KB
Toshio Sep 19th, 02
Skin Editor. Readme included.

F4UI converter
67.18 KB
Richard "Opener" Amuzu Aug 27th, 02
This utility makes it possible to convert your own BMP-pictures in a SP3 user interface screen.

TacEdit 2.46
699.74 KB
Julian Onions Jun 26th, 01
Julian "Codec" Onions has recently updated this great utility, you can check out the readme here.

Multiplayer Tweak
1.57 MB
Douglas 'madcow' Cowan Oct 1st, 99
This program will tweak your Falcon 4.0 Multiplayer Connection and optimize it for better performance! Plus extra features...

VHS Player
35.98 KB
FNG Aug 29th, 99
A great utility which allows you to view ACMI tapes. Right now it is pretty basic, but work is being done!

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