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 Some Notes

The comments in white on these pages, are not F4 HQ's comments so we cannot be blamed for comments such as "We're No.1" or "The BEST Falcon 4.0 site" etc. The comments in orange underneath these are ours. If you would like to add to this database please contact the staff.
 Must See Web Sites

Excellent Falcon 4.0 source. Always up to date.

Official website of the eFalcon-team.

Simulation Headquarters
A good resource for all kinds of sims. Keeps its news up-to-date with both flight and racing sim news. It also has other articles, but mainly news.

A good resource for Flightsims. Also host of the eFalcon-team.

 Dedicated Falcon 4.0 Sites

Rabnud's Skin Center
Rabnud's Skin Center has a large collection of F16 skins. No matter what kind of F16 paintjob you want you will find it here.

For fans of Falcon 4.0.

The Un-Official Falcon 4.0 Command Center
Info, News, Missions, Updates, etc. etc. Pretty decent Falcon 4.0 Site.

Viper's Falcon 4.0 Site
News, Downloads, reviews, links, all supporting the Falcon 4.0 Community.

 Gaming Magazines

The Adrenaline Vault
Excellent online gaming site. Offers news, reviews, and all of the rest.

Computer Games Strategy Plus
PC Gamer's Magazine Website. Offers some game news, and info.

Computer Gaming World
CGW's Website, run by Gamespot and Ziff-Davis

A detailed and popular gaming site that has reviews, previews, news, of all kinds of games.

PCGames Magazine Website. Offers some game news, and info.

PC Gamer
PC Gamer's Magazine Website. Offers some game news, and info.

 General Flightsim sites

AVSIM Online
A pretty good resource for simmers. AVSIM keeps track of mainly civilan flight simulators, but does offer military flight sim news. For those interested in civilan sims, this is a really good resource.

Furball Magazine
An online magazine that is geared towards all flight sims, mainly concentrating on combat multiplayer types. Includes news updates, articles, and forums. Its worth a look!

Simulation Headquarters
A good resource for all kinds of sims. Keeps its news up-to-date with both flight and racing sim news. It also has other articles, but mainly news.

 Sim Producing Companies

Known rival. Produced F-15, WW2 Fighters, USNF series, Longbow series, and others. Overall, its a company that produces a lot of sims.

Here's an obvious one :). Besides the revolutionary Falcon series, Microprose has produced the European Air War/Pacific Air War series, and their famous Grand Prix/World Circuit series.

Once again, I'm sure you have heard of this one. Produced the famous Flight Simulator series and also made Combat Flight Simulator.

 Aviation/Aircraft websites

Lockheed Martin - The Fighter Enterprise (LMTAS)
Maker of the Baddest Weapons System on the Planet (the F-16), and the home of the Fighting 189th Six Shooters.

Boeing Aircraft
Boeings Official website. You CAN find military aircraft info within this site.

 Military Websites

United States Air Force
This is the USAF official website. Very informative site, and has a great photo archive.

United States Navy
This is the official US Navy website.

 PC Hardware Sites

Sharky Extreme
Pretty Good Hardware/News site, period.

Tom's Hardware Guide
This is the ultimate website for finding the lastest hardware news, previews, reviews, and everything else. Please visit Tom's Hardware for your hardware needs because it is there that you will find all the info about today's and the future's hardware.

 Other Websites

CH Products
The official CH Products website. Producers of pretty good joysticks.

Fox Two
The Official Fox Two website. Fox Two is a program created by James Hallow. It is an excellent program for creating/editing Thrustmaster joystick files for your programmable joysticks. If you haven't been there, and you own a TM programmable joystick, go and visit.

Roger Wilco - Resounding
The official website for Roger Wilco, a neat voiceware program that can be easily used with any of your favorite games. Its low-bandwitdh usage makes Roger Wilco very popular with online gamers.

This is the official Saitek website. The makers of the X36 Combo HOTAS and other peripherials.

Shadow Factor - BattleField Communicator
This is the official website for BattleField Communicator (or BattleCom), another nifty voiceware program that works with most games. Great way to communicate for online gaming.

This is Thrustmaster's Official website. They make all sorts of joysticks/wheels. Known especially for the F16/TQS and F22/TQS HOTAS combination.

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