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At Falcon 4.0 Headquarters, we promise to provide you with great editorials, and here is the section for it! On this page, you will find all editorials writtten by F4 HQ staff, and outside writers.
  Columns At F4HQ

Subject: Author: Date:
Operation Iraqi Freedom interview Lysy & RobViper Dec 12th, 04
Lysy interviewed Robviper who is working on the Iraqi Freedom campain.

SP4.2 changes F4UT Nov 7th, 04
Detailed description of the SP4.2 patch.

Focal Blur and Motion Blur Barry Sep 16th, 04
Great article about photo editing your screenshots so they will look as if they are real photographs. This article explains in detail the effects of focal blur and motion blur.

Gotta extra computer lying around? Snake122 Aug 13th, 04
An article discussing the pros and cons of running a campaign server on a second PC.

FreeFalcon 3 Review Pin Head Jul 28th, 04
In this review you will get a quick indication of all the strong and weak points of the FF3 patch.

Uiju base - home of the invincible Flankers, Part Lysy Jun 23rd, 04
War story about an OCA strike from the 16th Virtual Fighter Wing.

Peru Campaign for Falcon 4.0 Edwin “Twister” Gordillo May 14th, 04
Update about the upcomming Peru campaign from Twister.

SP4 Feature list Frugal Feb 2nd, 04
A condensed description of the features of the upcomming SP4 patch.

Interview with Gilman Louie. Chopstick and RazorBlade Sep 6th, 03
RazorBlade takes an interview with Gilman "Chopstick" Louie, former leader of the Falcon 4.0 development group and former CEO of Microprose.

Uiju base-home of the invincible Flankers. Lysy Man Jun 3rd, 03
Fantastic war story about destroying a hostile Flanker base far behind enemy lines. Is it possible to survive so much hostility?...Sometimes it is.

Free-Falcon press release Free-Falcon Group Apr 25th, 03
This is the first press-release of Free-Falcon. Their motto is to make add-ons and modifications that are free of charge.

New airbase skins under development Winder Feb 10th, 03
A small informative story about the development of new Airbases

Scenery filling in SP4 Chris "Washout" Carter Jan 29th, 03
Chris "Washout" Carter gives us an inside in what we can except in SP4 with regard to objects that will be placed in the scenery. He also tells us what kind of work is involved in placing e.g. trees and powerlines. Chris, thanks for the article and for the good work you are doing.

Nightflight in the real F-16. Hanger 18 Aug 28th, 02
Hanger 18, GCI controller at Osan airbase gets his change to take a ride in a real F-16. This is his story with all the details.

War story: Salt and Steel Musti Aug 20th, 02
Very nice war story about an oversee attack on a warproduction plant near the cost. He flew this mission online with his squadron mates of the 185th. If you are interested in flying online with this squadron then you can check their website here.

MFD's, we really want them. Tracer Aug 6th, 02
This small geust article from Tracer is meant to start a discusion about the need for realistic MFD's to add to your HOTAS system. The real flightsimmer of today wants more then a joystick and a keyboard to control his military jet.

JetNet FAQ wmulvihilldxr Jul 13th, 02
This Guest article gives you a good understanding how JetNet actualy works and how to operate it

Work of a GCI controller at Osan AB Hanger 18 Jun 20th, 02
This article is about the work of a CGI controller at Osan airbase. He also wrote about the competition between CGI and AWACS controlers.

MAC Falcon 4 Utility Centromedia Jun 10th, 02
Press release from Centromedia about the F4U for Mac users.

Lowland winter Tigermeet ERVANI Jul 2nd, 01
The first LLTM was a great succes. This is the newsbrief for the second, winter edition.

Realism Patch 2.1 iBeta (Snacko) May 28th, 00
The next interim realism patch from iBeta is in its final stages. We might see it this weekend. You can read more info about it here.

Thrustmaster press release Thrustmaster May 17th, 00
Check here the press release from Thrustmaster about their upcoming line of high-end flightsim controllers.

War stories part II J.D. "roots" Schmidt May 17th, 00
Here is the second part of the war story from J.D. "roots" Schmidt.

War stories part I J.D. "roots" Schmidt May 16th, 00
Very good story from J.D. "roots" Schmidt with a nice sense of humour.

Reakism patch 2 iBeta May 15th, 00
This is the press-release from iBeta about their realism patch 2.

Iran Campaign T-Bone Apr 14th, 00
A group of enthusiast people is working on a new Iran campaign. You can read about it here.

1.08 and the Future Glenn "Ranger" Perry Nov 11th, 99
Glen Perry discusses 1.08 and the future of the Falcon 4.0 Project.

A Falcon 4.0 Story Chris "Washout" Carter Oct 25th, 99
Chris has written a vivid Falcon 4.0 story for you all to read and enjoy.

The Keyboard File Kurt Gisselman Sep 21st, 99
A guest article by Kurt Gisselman in which he explains about modifing the Falcon 4.0 Keyboard file.

Campaign Tips R. Ph. "Yskonyn" Kraak Sep 1st, 99
R. Ph. "Yskonyn" Kraak has some tips he'd like to share some tips he has for 1.07

Dreaming about Falcon 4.5 Gavin Bennett Jun 20th, 99
A massive 11 part article on what Gavin Bennett believes should be changed in Falcon 4.0.

Guide to F4 Comms on the Net Kevin Hill Jun 12th, 99
Kevin Hill's guide to using Falcon 4.0 Comms over the Internet.

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