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At Falcon 4.0 Headquarters, we promise to provide you with great editorials, and here is the section for it! On this page, you will find all editorials writtten by F4 HQ staff, and outside writers.
  Columns At F4HQ

Subject: Author: Date:
Improving Performance in Falcon4 ViperMan Aug 9th, 04
Improving Performance in Falcon4

Falcon OIR, hands on first experience. RazorBlade Nov 17th, 03
Durring the Loweland Tigermeet I had the chance to get a look at Falcon OIR and test the new turbulence during a landing. Read about my experience.

War story Musti Apr 15th, 03
War story about a harbor strike with bandits like fireflys in the sky.

Lo-Mac vs Falcon 4.0, first impression. Edwin "RazorBlade" Versijp Feb 3rd, 03
Report of a Ubi-soft press event where they showed an early alpha of Lo-Mac.

G2 Interactive, what is the news? Edwin "RazorBlade" Versijp Jan 19th, 03
G2 Interactive finally makes an announcement but what does this news mean?

War Story Chaser Jan 2nd, 03
For your entertainment ; a little story about the TE made by Chaser : Border Run, hope you have fun reading it!

LLTM 2002 Musti Nov 14th, 02
This is a article about the events happening at the LowLand TigerMeet 2002, thanks for writing it Musti!

Niche market Edwin Versijp Jul 19th, 02
Discusion about the marketing technics used by flightsim producers and especialy the stratagie for Falcon V.

Flightsims after September 11th Edwin "RazorBlade" Versijp Jul 10th, 02
Do we have a harmless hobby or not. Is it realistic to think that western F16's will be used against western countries by terrorists?

SP3 will be released soon... Edwin "RazorBlade" Versijp Jun 1st, 02
SP3 will be released soon and it is time to prepare yourself.

Flying online with a ADSL connection. Edwin "RazorBlade" Versijp Jul 17th, 01
Falcon 4.0 is made with multiplayer in mind. Find out what the advantages are of a good ADSL connection.

Falcon V Edwin "RazorBlade" Versijp Jun 22nd, 01
What is the news about Falcon 5.0 and what will this mean for the Falcon 4.0 community?

Last year Edwin "RazorBlade" Versijp Jun 17th, 01
This column is a brief flashback about what happend in the last year.

FSAA, the next stage in 3D development Edwin Versijp May 28th, 00
Voodoo 5 with Full Screen Anti Aliasment (FSAA) is just released and also the new beta-drivers for the nVidia Geforce have this feature. There is no doubt, we have reached the next stage in 3D acceleration development. You can read more about it here. New screenshots are included. You can also find these screenshots on the screenshot page. (Many thanks to Wolf EVF102 for providing the screenshots)

3rd party additions Edwin Versijp Apr 14th, 00
What is the latest news about the development of 3rd party fixes and add-ons. Read it here.

Mem-reader Edwin Versijp Jan 30th, 00
For people who are building there own real cockpits Martin Ingold wrote an exelent tool for transfering cockpit data to an home build cockpit. You can visit his own site about cockpit building here.

Radio Communications Edwin Versijp Jan 23rd, 00
This is about radio communications between people while flying multiplayer missions.

The Future of Falcon 4.0 Edwin Versijp Jan 16th, 00
What will be the future of Falcon 4.0 and Falcon 4.0 HeadQuarters?

1.08 beta-testing news. Edwin Versijp Dec 1st, 99
Some news about 1.08 and the beta-testing project.

Falcon 4.0 vs Flanker 2 Edwin Versijp Nov 27th, 99
What are the good and bad points of Flanker 2 in relation to Falcon 4.0.

The Future The Staff Nov 21st, 99
This article is about our new design, and some future plans for Falcon 4.0 HeadQuarters.

1.08 Beta Report Edwin Versijp Oct 8th, 99
Edwin discusses what he can about the future 1.08 patch for Falcon 4.0 (3 parts).

The Ultimate Ride Edwin Versijp Aug 10th, 99
A 3-parter where Edwin talks about building of your own cockpit...literally.

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